Ianborg Ridin’ That Carousel

Ianborg is at it again this fine Monday morning.  Once again taking an indie favorite and turning it into sexytime jammin’ with his signature style of synthwork and slow resonant bass, Ianborg keeps churning out those great remixes.  You’ve seen Ianborg featured on here before (HERE, or HERE, or even HERE) and I don’t see why we would stop since he gives us greatness every single time.

This particular remix is of Carousel, a band out of Cleveland, and of whom I had never heard of (I have never been accused of being totally plugged into the indie scene) and replaces the jaunty happy go lucky vibe of the song and turns it into something much more sultry.  Keeping the vocals, though, is a good move because put in the right light, they really turn into something very different than the original, which, by the way, isn’t bad at all.  This remix, though, turns that track you might find in Seventeen Magazine and plops itself, scrawled in lipstick, right there on the back of a cocktail napkin.

So do yourself a favor and take a listen to this one, enjoy it to it’s fullest and follow the dude from western Canada wherever you can (Soundcloud & Facebook for starters).  Show the guy some love and snap up all of those free downloads he has available.  He not only has greatness in his back catalogue, but exciting things to come in 2013. 

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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