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This weekend saw a huge influx of music and while the blog didn’t really represent that with just a few posts, the fact remains.  Great music happened over the weekend!  One of those was on the hip hop tip.  Sure not all of these are fresh off the block, but they are to me!   These three tracks are from either unknown MC’s, known hiphop collectives re-imagined and an unknown paired with a fantastic producer (and one of my all-time favorites).

Yes these all belong on their own, but I figure I’d spare you the time and the words and just present them on the same post.  Hope you don’t mind.

First we have Damn Heathen (Soundcloud, Facebook), a dude I’ve been followin’ for a bit (and posted HERE) and one who I really like.  He’s not very well-known but I have to believe it won’t be long.  His vocal patterns reminisce of Chali 2-Na, while his rhymes remind you of Quasimoto.  Pair Damn Heathen’s lyrics with AmandaJade’s vocals and you have one smooth-ass track.  Follow Damn Heathen for more as he rises to where his skills lead him, which will be far.

Fall’n Reign (AmandaJade ft. Dat Damn Heathen) by Damn Heathen

Then we have an MC by the name of Jabee (Soundcloud) who comes at you with a very distinct and very recognizable El-P sound. The intro assaulting you with the mech-type elements and the bass that just pounds at you, this track brings together known with relative unknown. well relative unknown at least to me. This track also has a video (HERE), but the tune is what you need to hear forthwith. Featuring vocals by Carlitta Duran, this joint is poppin’. And after getting asked to tour with El-P and Killer Mike, do a party for Kevin Durant and eliciting a powerful quote from Chuck D, the sky’s the limit for this MC.

Stephanie by mynameisJabee

Then finally we have Slum Village. A very different group from when they hit their highest peak when featuring J Dilla, T3, and Baatin, this crew is reinventing themselves with T3, illa J (J Dilla’s brother) and Young RJ (producer of the track). It’s an attempt to get out of the trauma and drama that has plagued this legendary Detroit crew, and this is a great start.

Slum Village – No Mas by IStillLoveHER.de

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