Future Trap? I’ll Take It!

One of the great things about running a blog is the submissions you get from all over the world. Sure 3/4 of them are either crap or completely off-genre, but the remaining 1/4 are either great tracks or from artists that you just know are going to continue to do good things. This mix is one of those gems we have gotten, and from Germany to boot. We have a lot of great readers from Germany and if this submitter is any indication, our listeners are not only talented, but clued into what is great about music these days.

This mix is 30 minutes of trap, juke, footwork or whatever other genre you want to classify. Including tracks from artists we’re in tune with and are fans of such as Olove, Pixelord, and G Jones to artists that are clearly on the rise like Sibot, Yheti and Krampfhaft, as well as some artists I had never heard of but am glad I now know of like Joney and Grapes, Lakritze, and Pariah.

So check this mix, follow Frontcannon on Mixcloud and Soundcloud and enjoy!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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