E-TRAIN Gives Us The Beauty

It’s not often that you get a hip hop artist to not only practice, but impress with the less is more technique. E-TRAIN, with this track off of his latest The Imagination of Mr. Malo, uses vocals and subdued drums and synths to weave this tune’s wonderful story. It is one of those tracks that you get something more or different out of it with each and every listen, which is a wonderful trait for any tune. E-TRAIN has always been one to tell a story with his lyrics and providing excellent production and beats to boot. There is never any let up with E-TRAIN and this track is no different. The album it is off of is the same bangin’, yet deeper than most, fare that we’ve all come to expect from this talented MC, producer and all around good dude.

So do yourselves a solid and follow E-TRAIN (Soundcloud, Facebook) and go buy the album. It’s one to have in any collection and it is completely worth your purchase.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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