Draft’s Memories Are Ours To Keep

Draft out of the UK has done a few things recently that have caught my eye.  Fast on the heels of his great submission to the Waxhole compilation album (HERE), he has put out a tease of a track called Stutterfunk that will be released by a label soon. The version that will be released will be a bit angrier, and a bit longer, but the bones, as you see below, are still there.

The other item that Draft has done has been to release some older material for his fans, all for free HERE.  This older material is 15 tracks of his ranging from chill beats to some great indie electronic remixes and as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also put them all in a mix.  Memories remembered is the name of the bundle and it’s well worth the download and listen.  Whether old or new, it is plain to see that Draft’s works are well worth the perusal.

So follow Draft (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more news of Stutterfunk’s release and for various releases he puts out from time to time and show him some love.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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