Double Shot of The Fist

Philosofist has done it to us again…this time, twice!  So here I was revvin’ up to give you this remix of his of Kendrick Lamar’s hit Swimming Pools and he drops this little number on us in the meantime, as if he dropped a little change out of his pocket while shelling out money for a watch.  Except the change in this analogy is more like a hundred dollar bill or two.

For those who don’t know Philosofist, he does a lot in his spare time.  He raps (as seen below), he remixes (also seen below) and he makes his own beats (Example) as well as in a production project called Eyelight.  He’s a one stop shop and he’s finding his voice literally and figuratively.

So jam these tunes, download them for free and follow Philosofist’s many endeavors (Soundcloud, Facebook). 

Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (The Philosofist Remix) by The Philosofist

The Philosofist – I Want You (feat. PlanetJazzBass)(prod. J Beats) by The Philosofist

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