Dirty//Clean With Visions

December in the music industry is a feverish month of shows, last minute releases and compilations.  This year with 12/12/12 it was a little more eventful than most, but it remains that for the consumer there is no shortage of music to listen to or see.

Case in point our buddies at Colorado based Dirty//Clean put out a small compilation (HERE) showcasing the artists on their roster and as no surprise there are some really great tunes to be had.

So sample these tunes, then go download the compilation, and visit the Dirty//Clean lads (Facebook) and show them some love.

First off we have Bedrockk (Soundcloud, Facebook) with the track Echoes.  You might remember Bedrockk if you have been long time listeners/followers of the blog (HERE) and this track just shows that he’s got goodness comin’ out his fingertips.  And a personal statement from him that he has much more to release in 2013 has me stoked for more!

Echoes by Bedrockk

Then we have Amor, est (Soundcloud, Facebook), of whose name I’m still not completely clear on what it means and his track Amnesia Wreck.  I first got introduced to Amor, est with his tumtums project which pairs him with Waxhole favorite Snubluck.  We actually posted one of their tracks (HERE) and this was the first exposure to Amor, est.  Well, he hasn’t disappointed since and this track shows that he continues to produce good things on his own or with Snubluck.

amnesia wreck – amor, est. – DIRTY//CLEAN “Visions” by amor, est.

And lastly we have a new one for me. An artist I had never heard before this compilation, Hollagramz (Facebook, Soundcloud). I will now be watching him closely because if this track is any indication, he’s got a bright future.

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