Das Kapital Talks To The Waxhole On His New EP!

Who here knows or remembers Das Kapital?  If you do, it’s probably for that damned fine Bon Iver bootleg of Skinny love that absolutely took the music world by storm.  But if you just left your attention to this 21 year old producer from Cape Town, South Africa, you’d be missing out on a lot of goodness.  He’s been holding it down in his native country with live gigs, his own record company, Do Work, and a weekly radio show that lets him run with whatever else strikes his fancy.

So do yourselves a favor, go buy this album (HERE) and follow him (Soundcloud, Facebook) for even more goodies.

And as if this EP wasn’t enough, Das Kapital was kind enough to answer some questions for us regarding the EP, THAT Bon Iver track, and what he has going on in 2013.

Das Kapital – Babylon ft. Leechi [OUT NOW!] by Das Kapital

Waxhole: You hit the big time with your Skinny love remix. I was one of those that ate it up and still love it. How has that track affected your career?

Das Kapital: If anything, that bootleg was the “jumpstart” I needed. I’d been writing music for a few years before that but after the Skinny Love “rerub” took off like it did, a lot of things started slotting into place, meaning I could move forward.

Waxhole: That remix is so unlike your current sounds, which I’m sure disappoints all of the indie kids, but is this a conscience move or was the remix a playful experiment that just hit?

Das Kapital: It’s funny to me that it’s my calling card track, when to me it feels a little dated and amateur compared to what I’m doing now. Mainly because I think my production skills have moved on so much so I hear bits I would change now!

My “rerubs” are all passion projects – I do them because I want to make something different of whichever song it is, because I like it that much. In that sense Skinny Love was an experiment, but a relatively easy one.

I wrote the track because I was at a point where I was listening to the Bon Iver album on repeat, and one day, while playing Skinny Love, I had a drum machine running and I just played under it for fun. I took the song, dropped it in Logic and worked it out over a night and just kinda gave it out to the universe and let whatever it is that happens to songs on the internet, happen.

It’s brilliant that so many people connect to it though and I wouldn’t change that at all

Waxhole: You’ve been making a lot of electro house lately, yet this EP has hints that you have other interests such as Trap and Lovestep. Is this EP showcasing intent to pursue all of these types of sounds/genres or are you going to focus on one over the other?

Das Kapital: I don’t really think pigeonholing is healthy. I understand that in order to make a name for yourself, you need a signature sound or a signature style, but I guess my signature is that I choose to do a lot of music. Ultimately it’s the work that goes into the tune that counts, and yes, the end product too – really, whatever genre works is getting made.

Waxhole: What was the inspiration for this EP and is there anything the listener should listen for?

Das Kapital: For me it was a combination of old and new ideas – I feel like my Hip Hop roots got to come full circle on BrainBang and Affection, while I could also showcase my passion for House music on Babylon.

I chose to work with close friends on the collaborations, meaning we could cover ground that wasn’t normal to us as individuals. For example, Leechi, with whom I wrote Babylon, is a Dubstep and related bass music producer normally. We met somewhere very much in the middle, meaning we got big grindy nastiness, a euphoric middle section, and a headlong dive back into the dance.

Ultimately, I want my music to be something that moves people, whether in a rave or in the comfort of their own homes – it’s not about “hard” or “deep”, it’s about genuinely connecting with some kind of emotional response.

Das Kapital – BrainBang feat. Louis Blaise – [FREE DOWNLOAD] – Free Trade by Das Kapital

Waxhole: Do you still host a radio show? What is the format of that and are these archived anywhere since time zones make it a little hard for our American readers to tune in?

Das Kapital: I host the Das Kapital Radio Show on Assembly Radio, having made the move from UCT Radio last year.

It’s been a great opportunity for me to showcase great new and forthcoming music to a very hungry audience. Whether it be fresh out the promo pool or fresh out a bedroom producer’s laptop; if it’s good it’s getting played.

The show is available to stream live every Wednesday from 21:00 – 00:00 (GMT+2) at http://theassembly.co.za/radio-player.

Otherwise, I’m busy setting up infrastructure so people can stream the show back for the week after the show, till the next Wednesday.

Waxhole: Coming from SA, there are a lot of styles and genres that people here in the states might not know about. Can you talk about your favorite SA-centric sound right now and introduce an artist or two whom we should look out for with that sound?

Das Kapital: I have always been a big Kwaito and South African House fan. There’s something about the subtlety and organic feel to a lot of the production that I really miss in other genres. Going back, a lot of the big Kwaito songs from the 90s would pass for really slowed and screwed up Garage and Bass House, and I love that. Nobody really does it like that anymore.

People I’m feeling right now – DJ Zinhle, DJ Mujava, Tira & Professor.

Waxhole: Are you familiar with the *gravy* crew? Liver, Sibot, Dank, Ol’tak, et al ?

Das Kapital: I know them well! I spend a lot of time around the dudes so yeah, I’m fully familiar. I’ve always been in awe of the live guys like Mr Sakitumi and Ol’Tak that really just write and play the best music in what feels like the most legitimate context. Sibot is also killing shit right now, having released his Magnet Jam EP on Diplo’s Jeffree’s imprint at the start of Jan. I see a lot of what they do and I try and learn as much as I can because they’ve all been around doing music since before I’d even bought my first CD.

Das Kapital – Affection ft. Phizicist [OUT NOW!] by Das Kapital

Waxhole: Have any more work with Richard the III in your future?

Das Kapital: I see Richard regularly, as he works at the Red Bull Studio Cape Town (I have a good relationship with that place), and I’m always in awe of his new music, so I’d like to say, with little to no discussion having been had between us about doing a track together, that yeah I’d really hope there’s a lot more work between us in the future.

Waxhole: What is next for you in 2013?

Das Kapital: My next release on Do Work, my All Trades EP, is out in Feb, so I’m putting a lot of energy into that. Otherwise I’ve started work on my 3rd EP, which has interest from a really great label, so I’m really excited for that.

I’d like to maybe start some tours in the second half of this year, off the back of some of the music and remixes and so on I’m working on, so that’ll be a big focus once this EP is out the way.

Otherwise, I’d like to see if it’s humanly possible to survive on no sleep and positive energy.


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