ChrisB Gets Down On Some Triangular Objects

ChrisB’s Triangular Objects off of Gravitas Recordings is one great bassed out gem of an EP.  Implementing guitars (his own work!) on my favorite track, Eye In The Sky, and purply synth work that would make Giorgio Moroder proud, this EP hits all of the right spots.  I’ve been following ChrisB for awhile (Example) and he never disappoints, and pairing up with the great guys of Gravitas, this release was destined to be awesome.

Below you will see three selections from the 6 track EP which you can get HERE.  They are very representative of the EP and his ever-evolving sound.  For a prpoducer who has only been in the game a relatively short while, his music always sounds years ahead.  This guy’s musical growth and maturity is as great to witness as his music is great to listen to.

So follow ChrisB (Soundcloud, Facebook) for his back catalogue is outstanding and he’s got great things happening in the future. 

06. ChrisB. – Eye In The Sky [From the Triangular Objects EP out NOW!!!] by ChrisB.

03. ChrisB. – Space Dust [From the Triangular Objects EP out NOW!!!] by ChrisB.

02. ChrisB. – TRENDY [From the Triangular Objects EP NOW!!!] by ChrisB.

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