Cheya For More CloZee!

ohhh CloZee.  Once again this producer out of France has given us a tasty jam.  This time it’s a take on remixing Mr. Bill, of whom we all hold in high esteem.  CloZee has given us many many originals and all have been on point, but remixes have been a little sparse.  Usually it is the other way around with young producers, but this producer on the rise has plenty of talent to spread around and she is spreading it around quite nicely.

You might have seen this contest go up a few months ago (HERE), spurred by the great compilation album put together by Psymbionic and Gravitas Records for charity (HERE), Mr. Bill decided to open up his entry for a remix contest.  A bevy of great prizes, but more to the point, furthering the goal of meeting the goal set for the charity.

At any rate, as the remixes start pouring in, I can safely say this one belongs in the final round of consideration. So follow CloZee (Soundcloud, Facebook), if you’re not already, and just check all of the goodness she’s got as well as keep apprised of her future works. There are some great projects she has on the horizon, be assured.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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