Bobby Tank Shows Us The Way

Monday when we posted Bobby Tank’s track Waterphone Shadows it was a teaser for his EP being released on February 25tgh.  I thought, at the time, that was all we’d get to sample before the release.  And thin this morning I wake up to find the EP in its entirety uploaded for us to taste before the release.

As great as Waterphone Shadows is, it’s just the tip of the miceberg with this release.  One track we blogged back in the day, Glass Moon, is another you’ve all heard before but the track Cybo might be my favorite from the album.  Hard to say though, because Glass Moon has been in my playlist constantly since when I first heard it.

Whatever the case, this EP is a good one to pick up, so sample the four tracks below and the 5th posted on Monday, and follow Bobby Tank (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more news of the release!

The Way by Bobby Tank

Zario’s Echo by Bobby Tank

Glass Moon by Bobby Tank

Cybo by Bobby Tank

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