Blunt Instrument’s Audible Space Is So…Audible.

There’s a new album out, folks. Ok it’s been out since yesterday, but I’m going to blame the International Date Line for my tardiness with getting this out to you. Sure the excuse holds no water, but I’m using it anyway!

ANYway, this album, called Audible Space, is from the good dudes of Blunt Instrument. Last year we posted quite a bit from them but towards the end of the year they’d been a little quiet. This EP shows why. Locked up in their studio making these bangers would stifle some release activity and my greediness will reluctantly comply with this.

Below are my two favorites from the 4 track EP (get it HERE) and they showcase the funky glitch and bouncoin’ beat that drew me to these two Aussies initially.  The use of samples and a groovin bass line always wins for me and they use it expertly in these two songs and on the EP.

So check these tunes, head on over to buy the EP and follow the lads (Soundcloud, Facebook).  If this is your first time hearing of Blunt Instrument, enjoy listening to their back catalogue.  More tasties than you can shake a spoon at!  Oh and for some pretty cool swag, go to their site HERE.

Blunt Instrument – Tea Party by Simplify Recordings

Blunt Instrument – Double Parked by Simplify Recordings

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