All Deez Buku Joints!

For a week chock full of new releases, announcements and general badassery, Buku has released a great three track EP (HERE).  You’ve seen two of the tracks from the EP (HERE), and below is the third.  Now you have heard the tunes, now you know what you need to do…go buy the EP and show this dude from the Steel City some good ol’ EDM community lovin’.

This track, All Deez is the perfect meat in the Janky-Prowl sammich because it not only is traptastically bangin’ but it shows how live Buku can really get.

Also of note on the Buku front is his touring schedule. Not only has he been booked on some good gigs for 2013 (This EP should result in many more as well!) but he’s getting on the festival circuit. This festival, The Buku Project, for example, is one to really keep an eye out for.

So follow Buku (Soundcloud, Facebook) and keep up with all of the exciting stuff he has for 2013. It’s already been a good year for Buku and it’s about to get so much better.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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