Acceptance For Synkro

Synkro, ya’ll.  Synkro.  I don’t have to say much more to gtet people excited, or mouths watering, but he’s here with an EP dropping on the 28th, just a few short days from now.  The leak of some previews for the album from Apollo Records are wonderful as well.  I normally do not post clips or tracks that aren’t finished, but I kjust couldn’t stand idly by as this goodness stood there taunting me.  I held out for 14 hours before I cracked.

So below are four tracks from the 8 track EP (pre-order HERE), entitled Acceptance.  Synkro (Soundcloud, Facebook) has really outdone himself.  This is my hint to you to go buy this EP forthwith.  Clips or not, this EP is just one that is not to be missed. I could wax poetic about each and every track, but I’d rather let the music do the talking.

Synkro – Acceptance by Apollo Records

Synkro – Spirals by Apollo Records

Synkro – Illuminations by Apollo Records

Synkro – Mutual Divide (Ft. Indigo) by Apollo Records

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