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Big ups to Bucky for the share. This one is super rad and the way they squeezed out an incredibly »

For a week chock full of new releases, announcements and general badassery, Buku has released a great three track EP »

K Theory, ya’ll. It’s been awhile, but guys…K Theory. They’ve been rippin ‘tings while we’ve been sleeping and not only »

Philosofist has done it to us again…this time, twice!  So here I was revvin’ up to give you this remix »

Oh man today is exciting. Exciting because ta-ku is setting forth upon a journey and we’re all invited. 25 Nights »

Good morning ladies and gents, I’ve got some hot fire today from the second Damnson artist in as many days. »

So get ready for this, you guys.  Some more Phantom Shilla and some more slow burn greatness.  The vocal manipulations »