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It’s not often that you get a hip hop artist to not only practice, but impress with the less is »

Who knew a gemstone convention could be so fun?  Well now with the Gems and Jams Festival in Tucson February »

We were all pretty blown away by Rockwell’s work with Kito and Sam Frank (HERE) at the end of last »

Who here knows or remembers Das Kapital?  If you do, it’s probably for that damned fine Bon Iver bootleg of »

Giraffage has gone ahead and uploaded some brand new goodness with his latest “Close 2 Me”. You’ll find here the »

When I say I loves me some retro-funk hop/glitch/mashes I really love them.  That’s what first hooked me on Pretty »

“I just want to have fun and make money” Miguel lays out the vocals. Kastle lays out the sexy remix. »

Mornings without your Cereal just never turn out right.  So here I am to provide some delightful Groove Cereal for »

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Breakfast with AudioTreats

SLC’s AudioTreats is back at the grind and cranking out tunage for our ears almost as fast as we can »

This weekend saw a huge influx of music and while the blog didn’t really represent that with just a few »

So Hypo tells me it’s time to up the D’n’B postings here at the Waxhole, and I say challenge accepted! »

I can’t tell you how many times I have told someone that there needs to be a Tiny Tim remix, »

So it’s been longer than 5 days since I’ve given you Ta-ku’s Nights of Nujabes updates, but your patience is »

One of the great things about running a blog is the submissions you get from all over the world. Sure »

It seems like either everyone is dropping goodness today to fit my mood, or I’m projecting my mood onto these »

This weekend has been a great one for the wonderful and beautiful music to be dropped. Friday we had Synkro, »