Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 1 Compilation

People who might have been following the blog the past week or so might have seen the above image or have seen this post announcing the compilation. Whatever the case, the Compilation is HERE!

Taking chilled artists that we’ve either been digging for a while now or recently this compilation not only brings together great artists but also great people. All forming a community of producers who either are new to the game or are vets, they all share the same love for the music and their production shows.  This love for the music makes it easy for us to follow, listen and root for these ladies and gents in all of their musical endeavors.

Featuring exclusive and unreleased material from Ta-ku, Libations & Oscillations, CloZee, RIT, Phantom Shilla, Draft, Sid Pattni, Real Cosby, the Groove Cereal and Real Cosby collaboration project, Audio Treats, Soulular, FlamesYall and Bear//Face plus a track from TOR’s latest album and Moodprint‘s latest remix, the album has a varied vibe to it that helps to show the mood of the blog and all of the sounds you will find as a reader. This collection also shows an International flare, featuring artists from Australia (Ta-Ku, Sid Pattni), Northern Ireland (Bear//Face), England (Draft, Phantom Shilla, FlamesYall), France (CloZee, RIT), Belgium (Moodprint), Canada (TOR), and across the US from California (Soulular), to Colorado (Groove Cereal, Real Cosby), to Utah (Audio Treats) and of course Austin, TX (Libations & Oscillations).

So be sure to grab this Compilation HERE and make sure you follow all of the artists involved.  They all deserve your love and followings.  Many of them have freebies to download as well. 

This week we will be showcasing three tracks from the album that have yet to be blogged about.  Again, go HERE, HERE and HERE for the tracks we have blogged up to this point.  Today the three tracks we will showcase are from Libations & Oscillations, Moodprint and the brand new Groove CerealReal Cosby collaboration project.

The first track we have is from our good friends and great producing duo of Libations & Oscillations.  Joseph Noctum and Tonebreaker, or as we know them, Power Bottom and Ginger Beard.  Ok I made those names up, but really these guys have the musical chops to carry out remixes, originals and mixes all with great aplomb.  The technical acuity and eye for detail they employ with every piece they produce is admirable and something that many producers out there should take heed.  DJ stalwarts in the Austin scene for years, these guys have really made a great start to their collaboration and while they have produced greatness to this point, there are indeed great things to come from the two.  

The next track we have is from Moodprint, two guys from Belgium who bring two different styles to their project.  Great artists on their own, they really do make inspired music between them.  This track is a remix of an R&B favorite of mine, D’Angelo.  Their attention to the soulful undertones from the original are taken into consideration as they overlay their own feel and vibe.  It’s really a great remix and one to put on any sexytime playlist.

And finally we have Groove Cereal – Real Cosby collaboration project.  This is the first tune that they’ve shared with anyone from their work together and I have to say, it is exciting to see what else they produce as this track is straight up fire.  Groove Cereal and Real Cosby are two dudes from Coloarado who we were all exposed to via our work-time diversion/radio station; Turntable.fm. These guys were acquainted with us separately and on different occasions and then became acquainted with each other on Turntable.fm.  This entire collaboration is thanks to that site and provides just one of many benefits of being a part of the Turntable.fm community.

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