Un.Think is oh so nice!

To continue the chill vibe that we enjoyed all day yesterday, have this great threesome of tracks from Un.Think.

Un.Think, just two Joao’s out of Portugal, caught my eye first when they remixed the ;Papercutz track you see posted below. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t post it and share right there on the spot, but I have now and I know you will enjoy.

These two guys are different parts of the team as Joao Luis is the sound designer and producer, while Joao Aguiar is the more visual of the two making the live set and digital presentation look great.  Promising an album in 2013 and some touring around Europe and maybe further afield this duo looks poised to make waves wherever they land.

So follow Un.Think (Soundcloud, Facebook) and get to know them. Everything in their back catalogue is outstanding and worth the perusal!

Go Dugong – B.U. (Un.Think Remix) by Un.Think

Sun Glitters – f i n d y o u r w a y (Un.Think remix) by Un.Think

:PAPERCUTZ – Rivers (Un.Think Remix) by Un.Think

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