Treemixes For Your Soul

Who wants a fantastic remix album for their Thursday? This one is a must have. Skytree’s Treemix album (HERE) is one great listen from track 1 to track 18. It’s so much better than just the paltry 3 tracks from sAuce, Sina. and Soulacybin I have posted below. Those three tracks are just a taste.

Usually in my posts I talk a bit (or too much?) about the artist, release, and other info that might be noteworthy. But this time, I’ll let the info off of the Bandcamp page do the talking.

Following the release of “Crystal Consciousness” on 11.11.11, Skytree has been on perpetual tour across the US – playing 135 shows in 2012 alone. During this transformative walkabout, the opportunity emerged to collaborate with an incredible group of producers, visionaries, artists and co-creators. “Treemixes Volume 1” became the perfect opportunity to bring them all together. The release date of 12.12.12 emerged intuitively – the last trinumeral for a century.

Treemixes V1 covers a broad range of sonic terrain with 19 original remixes of Skytree material. Remixers/refixers include Aligning Minds, Futexture, Soulacybin, Christ. (ex-Boards of Canada), Space Jesus, Pericles, Beard-O-Bees (Jesse Miller of Lotus) and Shamanic Technology, spanning over 1.3 hours of extradimensional play time.

Seeking to further bridge the world of visionary art and psychedelic electronic music, Treemixes V1 also includes a full-resolution, 11-page PDF showcasing 19 companion visual art pieces from visionaries like Michael Garfield, Archan Nair, Andrew Wagner, Seth McMahon, Olivia Curry, Bonnie Goodson, Jack Shure, and Emily Kell, as well as personal notes from many of the artists themselves.

Available for free or donation, all proceeds go to support the Nature Conservancy, one of the most effective environmental non-profits on Earth:

So check these tracks, cop the album for a great cause and follow Skytree (Soundcloud, Facebook) for SO much more. And thanks to Gravitas Records for distributing!

Skytree – Dreamtime [Sina. remix] – Treemixes Vol.1 [Free DL in description] by Sina.

Skytree – Treemixes V1 – 03 See-Through Time (sAuce remix) by Gravitas Recordings

Skytree – Treemixes V1 – 08 To Illumination (Soulacybin remix) by Gravitas Recordings

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