It’s a blessing and a curse to be immersed in music all day.  Blessing, because I get to listen to so much amazing music, and a curse because I am exposed to so much I sometimes get buried and/or forget about some tracks to share.  These two tracks are an example of what happens when you get overwhelmed by goodness.

TOURS, Dylan Sieh out of Philly, is no stranger to the music scene, but he hasn’t made it onto our blog, until now.  This isn’t because he hasn’t made great music up until now, just…well he just hasn’t made it ok?  But now the wait is over.

These two tracks from a 4 track EP (HERE) from last week shows that you can have your dance beat and your chill too…Isn’t that what Marie Antoinette meant?   Whatever the case, this is just what you need for an evening at home, or on a night time drive around the city, or for when you’re just wanting that slow groove to transition you from the stressful week behind you to the wonderful weekend ahead of you.

Enjoy these TOURS tracks, follow them (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love.

I Need U by T ? U ? S

Yrslf by T ? U ? S


Move ? Me by T ? U ? S

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