#TOMCREW’s End Times Is Just The Beginning

Ok show of hands, who here knows the #TOMCREW label/collective/crew? Ok so who here that doesn’t, knows about Tokyo Hands? THIS guy. For those whose hands are still folded respectfully in their laps, get to know them both with this excellent compilation (HERE) put together by Tokyo Hands, aka Foxy Brown, aka Badass and his #TOMCREW homies.

The compilation runs amok over many genres, some obscure sub genres of sub genres of further sub genres, but they’re all very good and you can see when curating this compilation, #TOMCREW knew what they were doing.

I’ve highlighted my three favorites below, but there Are 17 more on the compilation  that you should not only check out, but procure. A Name Your Own Price kinda deal is the perfect kinda Christmas present and for the first release of the #TOMCREW label (Soundcloud, Facebook), I suggest contributing so we can hear much more of these great artists.

The first track is DJ Tiga’s (Soundcloud, Facebook) ode to Aaliyah. I’m a sucker for any Aaliyah re-fits and this one hits me right in the good place. Tokyo Hands’ rendition is still one of my all-time faves, but this one definitely is also a great one.

DjTiGa_One In a Million(Aaliyah Tribute)TomCrew Compilation by DjTiGa

The next track, is from a dude named Hesk (Soundcloud, Facebook) out of Montreal. I had never heard of him before this compilation but this track has put him on my radar. and listening to his stuff, now has him firmly planted on the radar. He has some really good stuff! It’s really a chill track that while employing some juke and trap elements, is still one that you can groove to in your own slow dance kinda way.

When The Lights by Hesk

The third track is from the man himself, Tokyo Hands (Soundcloud, Facebook). This remix of Kirko Bangz came out a few days ago, but I wanted to wait until the compilation dropped to share it with you all. It’s a great representation of what Tokyo Hands has on his Soundcloud and a piece of what brought us all into his #TOMCREW web in the first place.


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