Ta-ku’s 2Bit Ladies

This continues the Ta-ku post fest from us here at the blog this week (HERE and an upcoming one later this week). This wasn’t planned, mind you, but the beatmaster from Perth is going fast and furious with releasing tracks made of molten obsidian lava before he tucks himself away for the holidays.

These two tracks are off of an EP he released for his fans and friends and for free! The vocals, the beats and the general vibe of these tracks are just so Ta-ku that you’d know it was him before you looked up the name.  Dip That is my personal fave, but to say that Go Girl is any less fire would be false.

So go cop that EP, follow Ta-ku (Soundcloud, Facebook) and just gaze upon all he’s done in 2012. Amazing output and production from this dude!

Ta-ku – Dip That by Ta-ku

Ta-ku – Go Girl by Ta-ku

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