Sun Glitters Sees A UFO Guy!

There are a few artists out there that I follow religiously, not only for the music, but because they are great people. And if you’ve read the blog you can probably figure out who these people are. Sun Glitters is one of those artists. You know him from the MANY posts on here, but the fact remains, he makes great great music, so posting is a no-brainer.

These two tracks below are evidence of that fact, however, he has brought a new artist to my attention by the name of .UFO.Guy. Sure, these two tracks have Sun Glitters in them too, but these two remixes showcases both producers and their great sounds.

And by the way, how much great music is coming out of Germany these days? A LOT is my answer! I love seeing the scene explode there. We have a lot of great readers from Germany so seeing the music coming out of Germany be so great is very exciting.

So check out these two, follow Sun Glitters (Soundcloud, Facebook) and .UFO.Guy (Soundcloud) and enjoy to the fullest. they’re everything you ever wanted in the chill sounds.

Sun Glitters – High (UFOguy Remix) by .UFO.Guy.

Sun Glitters – There (UFOguy Remix) by .UFO.Guy.

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