Snubluck’s At It Again!

There are a few things that are certain in life. Your mom will always find a way to embarrass you no matter how old you are, your alarm clock will malfunction the one day you have a presentation, and Snubluck always delivers. He’s also been busy since last we checked in on him (HERE). Not only is he releasing freshness on his own as the first track below shows, but he is also busy with a side project with fellow producer amor, est and their Tumtums project.

What we have displayed below is a good cross-section of what Snubluck is all about. We have a remix, of which he excels at, Second we have an original, where he takes a sample (this one from the great movie moonrise Kingdom) and puts it through the Snubluck grinder to make it so much better. And then we have a track from the Tumtums album. My personal favorite of the album was actually posted before (HERE), but they’re all so good. And then last week we posted a track from his project with lyricist, Tayke One (HERE). And to think that he’s got so much more in him (like Dream Genie), it just begs the question of when does he find time to sleep?

So taste this smattering of Snubluck goodies and follow him everywhere you can (Soundcloud, Facebook).

Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap (Snubluck Remix) by Snubluck

This is how the universe began by Snubluck

Driala by Tumtums Beats

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