Robot Koch Reminds Us That Robots Don’t Sleep

Robot Koch, someone we post whenever we get our hands on something new of his (Example), dropped an EP of a side project of his, Robots Don’t Sleep, with John Lamonica (remember him?). The video above displays one of the tracks from the 4 track EP and the track below, another. Both are very chill, and very vocal driven, which lends to Koch’s prowess at the production table. Koch is one bad dude and setting him apart from his contemporaries, he has chosen to write music around the vocals rather than the other way around.

You want more Robot Koch, well buy his albums HERE from the fantastic Project Mooncircle label and be amazed. And look out for his 4th full length album to be released in 2013 off of Four Music/Sony Germany.

So check the video, check the tune below, go HERE to buy the EP and follow Koch’s every move (Soundcloud, Facebook). And as a bonus, have the first instance I heard the Koch – Lamonica collaboration. You can see why they chose to fill out an EP for their collaboration. They do make some great music together.

Robot Koch feat John Lamonica -Nitesky by Robot Koch

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