Mac Magnum is Something Special

Mac Magnum goes hard with it whether with the originals or with the remixes, this guy, also known as Kyle, from Toronto, has hit me with two remixes of two artists I’m powerless to resist. But in truth I first got to know Magnum via his great EP called Something Special.

The first track below is off of that 6 track EP (get it HERE) and it just hints at how good it is. All 6 tracks are worth a listen and lovin’. The remixes below are usually what piques the interest and then the originals are sought out, but this time it’s the other way around.

So check out Mac Magnum (Soundcloud, Facebook) and get that EP for your enjoyment. It’s quite the little gem!

All Alone by Mac Magnum

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Mac Magnum Remix) [FREE DL] by Mac Magnum

Rock the Boat – Aaliyah (Mac Magnum Remix) [FREE DL] by Mac Magnum

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