Luxar’s Christmas Gift To Us!

Luxar gives you this EP for free for Christmas! You know one of the tracks from this EP we posted when the EP was released back in Nobvember, a Sweater Beats remix (HERE). But now, check out some other tracks from the EP and get that free download while it is available!

The original track that Sweater beats remixed is so New Jack swing I thought I was transported back to the early 90’s. It’s a funky take on a genre that took the R&B world by storm and this is a great reprisal. The next track, S’il vou Plait, is a great funky synth-laden trip down the chill midnight storm road that I do love so much. The third and final track is the Sloslylove remix that adds more bounce and punch to the original.

So download this set and follow Luxar (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more goodies!

I Don’t Love Her (ft Milo Mills) by Luxar

S’il Vous Plait by Luxar

SIl Vous PlaƮt (Sloslylove Retouch) by Luxar

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