Loving The Loveless

This post is long overdue, but hopefully the good people at Loveless Records will forgive me for the um…overduedness…

Loveless Records, based out of Miami, is focused on future beats, future bass, post dubstep, beatsmithy, but overall awesomeness is the underlying theme.  Label founder, owner, operator, DJ and one helluva good person, Adrianna, has curated a great line-up and the releases have all been so good. You might remember Fingalick, out of Lithuania. He’s just one of the great artists.

So do what’s good for you and follow Loveless Records (Soundcloud, Facebook) and keep up to date on their doings. That way my lateness in introducing their artists and/or releases will not be an issue.

First we have an artist out of Germany (I told you Germany was blowin up!) simply by the name of Lo (Soundcloud, Facebook) with the track Sweets.  This EP (Get it HERE) came out a few months ago and it’s quite good!  This track highlights the juke, half step beat with the chopped vocals, and the house synths making it an overall great track and one that highlights what Lo and the EP is all about.

Then we have Handbook (Soundcloud, Facebook) out of York in the UK, a guy I’ve been following for awhile and always down for some really great beats and tunes. His album (HERE) is chock full of the jazzy chill hip hop vibes that sound so great on their own but would also be dope to have someone lay a flow on top.

So then there is Circo Inverso (Soundcloud, Facebook) out of London, who has just recently released a 3 track EP (HERE). This track is the third one and uses a chopped and screwed Justin Timberlake acapella to drive home the syrupy bass, and leanin’ feel of the track. The rest of the EP, doesn’t follow this vibe, per se, but this track shows the handiwork of the production.

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