Last But Definitely Not Least, Check Audio Treats, FlamesYall and Ta-ku!

The final installment of the Waxhole compilation (Installments 1, 2 and 3, in case ya missed ’em) highlights three beatsmiths from around the world.  Ta-ku from Australia, FlamesYall from London and Audio Treats from Utah.  All three have different styles, come from different backgrounds and circulate in different scenes, but they all can be tied together by one unifying principle…they all make fire beats.

This, the final installment of what will hopefully be the first of many compilations we will bring to you, shows just how packed this album was and frankly working with these artists proved to be quite fun.  Sharing the same feeling of putting out music for the fans’ enjoyment is really at the root of the compilation and all of the artists featured shared this sentiment quite happily.

So cop the album (HERE) and enjoy these tracks as you read about these three artists and how they came to be Waxhole family.

Ta-ku – Chop (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 1 Compilation) by Waxhole

The first track we have is from beatmaster extraordinaire, Ta-ku (Soundcloud, Facebook).  This guy has been lighting up the scene for awhile now and this holiday season sees him not slowing down one bit.  This will be the third post we’ve done this week featuring tracks of his, because well, the dude just doesn’t miss.  Speaking of not missing, Ta-ku’s first appearance on the blog was in May(HERE) when we featured Flume’s remix of one of his tracks.  Now since may we have seen the absolute explosion of Flume, but also since then we’ve seen the same meteoric rise of Ta-ku.  Ta-ku had been on our radars before that time, of course, but this was the first instance our readers saw Ta-ku on the blog.  Then when Ta-ku released his RE-TWERK album he was cemented as one of those guys who we would be seeing much more of on the blog (Example).  This track he submitted graciously for us to use is short and still it packs such a punch you’d not realize it was such a short track until you look at the clock and time hadn’t moved, much. 

Audio Treats – CrayZzz’d Instrumental (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 1 Compilation) by Waxhole

The next track is from a recent friend of the blog, Audio Treats (Soundcloud, Facebook).  Out of Utah and in a crew of great musicians from the DAMNSON label, you’ll know that he not only will be active in the near future, but be active with some really great projects. Audio Treats, or Haein Lee has been in the scene for a bit, but this current beatmaking spin has been somewhat new to us the public. We first mentioned Audio Treats last month (HERE) and in anticipation of a new album coming out with great originals and some really awesome remixes, this track from a completely separate project shows he’s only getting started.

FlamesYall – Satisfiied Just Instrumental (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 1 Compilation) by Waxhole

Finally, we have FlamesYall (Soundcloud, Facebook), or Stu Mangan as he’s also known by. This guy is one I had never heard of until I caught a whiff of his work from one of my favorites Scroobius Pip back in September. He mentioned that his signee, Jackamo Brown, had his album re-worked with lyricists and put together by none other than FlamesYall. Well this was just too good so I posted sharpish (HERE) and thus started my following of this talented producer/curator. Just a few weeks ago FlamesYall released an album chock-full of great tracks (HERE) and one track I kept coming back to. Satisfiied Just on the album has Cee flowin over this beat that mesmerized me. I asked if I could hear the beat on it’s own just to see if in isolation it was as great as I was thinking it might be, and sure enough it was. So inclusion on the compilation was very last minute, but very worth it. This beat is just too good. And y’know, this is just the beginning. 2013 promises to be a good one for FlamesYall and I am looking forward to seeing where he takes us.

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