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Festival ANONYMOUS PROMO from ixfoto on Vimeo.

Festival Anonymous, one of those in the long line of festivals that dot any music lover’s calendar. But this festival is a little different. This festival is one that brings together a diverse group of musicians like Bronze Whale, and Libations & Oscillations for those EDM lovers, The San Juan Project for that Latin electro Jazz and artists like Subkulture Patriots for the hip hop heads, like any festival (Full List).  But this festival is different.  Unlike most other festivals the art takes center stage and the music plays more of a soundtrack to the urban project taken on by the festival organizers.

This project is to mobilize the city’s inhabitants and combining their forces with renowned artists such as Chiquitraca Colectivo, Olive47, Monk, Peyton Scott Russell, among many others (Full List), splash the city with as much color and art as possible. From wall murals, to simple arch detail to bus stop graffiti, these artists are and will be everywhere providing the clued in and oblivious alike with a backdrop of beautiful art for their urban strolls.

This festival is a purely organic undertaking and with the organic undertaking, those who cannot attend but are excited about the project (like me!) can donate to their Indiegogo page (HERE) to help bring in more artists, musicians and general merrymakers to add to the experience.

So do what you can for this outstanding piece of urban reclamation set to music on the beach and if you’re in Puerto Vallarta, now you know that there is much more to see than just the beach and the resort pool. And enjoy these older, but still jammin’ vibes from our buddies of Libations and Oscillations.

Mercan Dede – Tutsak (Libations & Oscillations Drishti Dharma Remix) by Libations & Oscillations

Going Baroque by Libations & Oscillations

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