Cry Wolf And Maigan Kennedy…More Please!

Cry Wolf is back, folks! They were steady supplying some bomb remixes for us (Remember THIS one or THIS one? or THIS one? or THIS one?) and then grew quiet. They didn’t fall off the grid, though, they were working on a bigger project that we’ll all get word about soon.

They’ve re-emerged with not quite a remix, but a cover instead. This time of Rihanna’s track Please Don’t Stop The Music featuring lovely vocalist Maigan Kennedy.

This chilled out version, featuring acoustic guitar, low but deep wubs and atmospheric synths gives us something that maybe you’d not imagine from a Rihanna remix or cover for that matter. It shows the evolution of Cry Wolf from party DJ’s to thoughtful and intelligent producers, crafting their sounds to evoke emotion, while still jamming along.

So check this track, follow Cry Wolf (Soundcloud, Facebook) if you haven’t already and show them some love. They’ve got big things ahead and you should be on the ground floor.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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