Chilled Wax, Featuring Soulular Among Many Others

Acute followers of the blog might have picked up on the fact that we are going to be releasing a Compilation album, our very first endeavor of this kind. The Compilation will be a free download and will be released December 18th on our Facebook page, so LIKE us now and be ready for the album to drop. Featuring artists from around the world such as ta-ku, Sid Pattni, Draft, Phantom Shilla, Moodprint and more, this compilation album will be one to break out for those times you want to just chill.

You might have seen the post from yesterday of Real Cosby’s remix of Burial(HERE) as the first track dropped that will be on the Compilation. Real Cosby shows up on this Compilation because his style is always so on point. When BennyDNGR discovered him he was an unknown artist with just four tracks on his Soundcloud. Posting those first few tracks that we were enamored with hasn’t run the extent of his goodness. Real Cosby is the Real Deal and it’s great to see him making more music as a result of the positive reaction he has received in the few months we’ve known him.

The track featured below, is of Soulular. You will remember his EP that we posted a few weeks ago (HERE). We’ve known and have been admirers of Soulular for longer than the post would intimate and his style of synthy bass and purpley feel was a sound we’d been digging since before we came along artists such as Minnesota, Marty Party and jOBOT and their great sounds. Soulular, now a member of the Gravitas crew, gives us a track unlike what I was expecting, but still really, really good. This track as compared to his EP shows how Soulular is more than a one-trick pony and his greatness shines through no matter what project he takes on.

So listen to this track, go back and listen to Real Cosby’s track from yesterday, and follow both of them (Soulular SoundcloudFacebook), (Real Cosby SoundcloudFacebook) as they continue to release the fresh jams. Also, get a jump on the competition and LIKE our Facebook page (HERE) to be first in line when the Compilation drops.

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