BoomBaptist Goin Way Back

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and Happy Hanukkah from BoomBaptist. Yeah that’s right this dude out of Austin (Woot!) is and has been layin’ down the great beats for years now and to showcase how long he has been in the game with the mfire, he’s released a retrospective album of works from 2007-2009. You can get the album HERE and either get the digital copies or get the tracks PLUS a T-Shirt which should excite any of the LEGO obsessed fan.

So these three tracks below showcase three of my favorites of the 18, but believe me when I say that they all are quite simply greatness. You can listen to them all by themselves. You can listen to them picturing different lyricists laying down the flow on top, or you can sing along with them with your own made up lyrics in the shower or in front of the mirror…umm…or whatever..uhhh yeah.

So take a load of these tracks, love them and go quickly to the album download for the download options (and if you dig sufficiently, you’ll see more freebies from past years available on his Bandcamp). Oh and follow BoomBaptist (Soundcloud, Facebook). He is one swell musician dude.

06 ’88 by BoomBaptist

05 Loving You (Favorite Things) by BoomBaptist

02 Awwwreaddy (Texas Theme) by BoomBaptist

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