Woody’s Produce Delivers Once Again

Woody’s Produce is at it again, folks. Taking those hip hop jams and putting acoustic and sweeping instruments over the bangin’ vocals. While Woody’s has made it known that he is going to re-purpose Outkast tracks for this spate of projects.

The first installment that he dropped (HERE) was outstanding and this one is no less great. Featuring a UGK track that features Outkast, Woody’s is remixing a hip hop anthem that is showing that he can tackle those tracks outside of the Outkast catalogue. You also might remember Woody’s Produce from his great project of remixing Biggie Smalls (HERE) and he’s making it know he’s one of those go-to guys for hip hop remixes.

So follow Woody’s (Soundcloud, Facebook) download this track and get your groove on.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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