Wonder Years Dreamin’ Big

Gravitas Records is releasing an album today from a producer who calls himself Wonder Years. A group I’d been tipped off awhile ago (by the Gravitas main man himself, Brede) and I’ve been chompin’ at the bit to post the album for your consumption ever since. The funk, the dancey vibes and the overall great production just gives this album a repeatable listen quality that isn’t found with many albums out there.

I for one have been jamming this album on repeat since I got hold of it and it serves many purposes for me. Waking me up in the morning when coffee just isn’t doing the trick, making me focus on work when distractions are a’plenty, making my frown turn upside down on those days we all have that just aren’t going very well, accompanying me on a long drive with the sunlight coating me with warmth. It’s just one of those albums that resonates for me.

So listen to these tracks, get the album HERE, and follow Wonder Years (Soundcloud, Facebook). Show the dude some love, and follow the Gravitas crew for more goodness, while you’re at it.  They never disappoint.

Wonder Years- How Do You Feel by Wonder Years (Official)

Wonder Years- Check The Vibe by Wonder Years (Official)

Wonder Years- Nobody Does It Better by Wonder Years (Official)

Wonder Years- Back In The Day by Wonder Years (Official)

Wonder Years- Times Are Changin’ by Wonder Years (Official)

Wonder Years- Never Give Up by Wonder Years (Official)

Wonder Years- Where’s The Thrill by Wonder Years (Official)

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