Trifonic Gets The Hecq Treatment

So last week the Waxhole offices were set abuzz by a couple of albums (Thriftworks, How To destroy Angels) and this week we’re continuing the trend with ill-esha’s latest and now Trifonic. This album is Trifonic’s newest release, 9th Wave (found HERE) and it is quite fantastic. The album features remixes of some of our favorites such as Mindbuffer and Hecq as well as two from BRML. The album also comes with different packs for producers, fans and the budget conscious alike.

This track below shows not only how bad the album is but Hecq is at it again giving this track the quintessential Hecq treatment and making sounds you’d never expect come through your speakers/headphones to evoke all sorts of imagery.

So do yourselves a favor, purchase this album and follow everything Trifonic (Facebook) and Hecq (Soundcloud, Facebook) puts out. They are truly worth the attention.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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