Trifonic Album plus Interview!

Trifonic, one of those names that send me running to my computer to see what freshness has dropped. So when 9th Wave was released a little over a week ago, I was one of the first to buy the album. And after the third and fourth listenings, the verdict stayed true…Awesome. You’ll remember last week we posted a track from this album (HERE) and are happy to be able to post more.

Those that remember Emergence from 2008 might have thought Trifonic had been swallowed up by the desire to retreat to some far away country or spend the rest of his life trekking through the hinterlands of northern California, but no, Brian Trifon has been quite busy. The tracks below are some indication as to where his efforts have been.

So check the interview for some of the tracks on the album, check a few of the tracks below for another taste, and mostly go HERE for the album itself. The Producers’ Pack (containing stems, tutorials, commentary, among other things) is definitely worth the purchase price, but the album itself is as well. And by all means, follow Trifonic (Soundcloud, Facebook, Producer’s Blog) to keep up with exciting new material and to show him some love.

Waxhole Interview With Trifonic by Hypo-Luxa

Life In Here (feat. BRML) by trifonic

Santa Rosa by trifonic

Forget (feat. BRML) by trifonic

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