TrifonHecq…There Needs To Be More

Last week you might remember a post featuring a Trifonic track remixed by Hecq (HERE). Well come to find out that track was inspired by previous work the two did together back in 2011 for Hecq’s Avenger album.

It’s been one of those tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot since it came out and I thought I’d share because A) if you haven’t heard it you absolutely need to, B) it’s a perfect reason to post more Hecq and Trifonic and C) it’s a perfect chance to tease an exciting future post containing oh so much more Trifonic

So keep an eye out on the blog for more Trifonic goodness, jam this track repeatedly and follow them both as much as you can. (Trifonic, Hecq)

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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