Thriftworks and his Hydromancy

Thriftworks is one guy. He sounds like an ensemble of magicians, but yes, he is just one guy. This one guy has just released an EP…ok it was a few weeks ago, but still! New stuff from this guy always gets me revved up and you’ll see why when you listen to the tracks below.

The first two tracks from the EP (get it HERE) came out a few months ago, teasing us fans for the full EP to come. so when the next tracks came out November 7th when the EP dropped in full, we were on it like a raft of starving rats on a piece of cheese.

So check these amazing tracks, and be awed by the utter beauty and strangeness that we’ve come to expect from Thriftworks. So follow Thriftworks where you can (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love.

NO NO NO NO by Thriftworks

Pistols and Crystals by Thriftworks

Nightlight by Thriftworks

Die Gracefully ft. DH the Mythicalifornian by Thriftworks

Coal Train by Thriftworks

My Shadow by Thriftworks

My Shadow by Thriftworks

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