The Origin of Lost Optical

Lost Optical gives us a bit of a different look to the whole electronic music wave that we’re all so lovingly enfolded in. A trio that uses live instrumentation in their live sets as well as in the studio, gives us something different to chew on. While the electronic elements are most definitely present, the guitars, piano and drums still peak out to provide a jam band of electronic proportions.

The trio having won a local Denver award for homegrown artists that exemplify excellence in their craft, whether music, art or film. coming off of that award, they released their first album, simply called Origin.

Below are two tracks from the 7 track album that exemplify what I like best about the band. The first track, Dangerous gives us the glitch we all love so much, and then the live instrumentation kicks in to fuill out the Busta sample manipulations, evolving into an all out jam towards the end of the track.

The second track and final of the album is a smooth coming down track that takes all of the energy expended in dancing around your living room to the first 6 tracks and cools you down like a pass through a sprinkler. It’s a really good track to close out the album and another long one that meanders through different tempo’s to not only keep you engaged, but keeps you groovin’ even as you come down.

So peep the album in full, follow the threesome (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show them some love. Most of all, check them out whenever they play in your town, they’re a live experience that is as fun as they are diverse.

Lost Optical – Dangerous by Lost Optical

Lost Optical – Prism System by Lost Optical

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