Summertime Remixes From KenJazzy

There are times when best intentions and life events do not meet with deadlines. And remix competition deadlines usually do not jive with what real life has in store for you. KenJazzy (THIS guy) got into a few remix competitions a little late or in the middle of a big move to Denver from his hometown in Kentucky. While the deadlines weren’t met, the tracks did end up getting finished, and he has generously released them to the public and all for free.

The first track is a Meiko remix that Bronze Whale also entered and killed with (HERE). KenJazzy did a remix and did it up right.

Leave The Lights On Remix by KenJazzy

The second track is a great remix on a great tune from Ben Howard and I love it so. I love how KenJazzy took the original and just accentuated some parts while leaving the core of the track unchanged in it’s goodness.

The Friends You’ll Always Have by KenJazzy

The third and final track is a remix of I Love Summer, a remix competition put on by us here at Waxhole (Remember?). While he didn’t meet the deadline (which was squarely on the weekend of his move to CO) he continued to work on it and produced this remix which would’ve been a candidate to move to the final group if so.

I Love Summer Remix by KenJazzy

So jam these tunes, follow KenJazzy (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love. While he misse dout on some prizes, we as fans sure haven’t missed out.

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