SOHN with the EP of Fire

Well the great EP’s march on. This one from SOHN and so so good. Three tracks, but three tracks of sheer greatness.

Two of the tracks on the EP (Get it HERE) are below, and worth the price of admission.

Wheels has the vocals that really bring out the soul and the production really makes a tight track worth repeated listens and repeated exaltations of joy.

The second track, Red Lines, is one of those slow burn goodies that make you want to make music just like this…until you realize you’re not up to those standards.

And just because I love you so much, have a bonus track from a few months ago.

So follow SOHN (Soundcloud, Facebook), and buy that EP (HERE)

The Wheel by S O H N

Red Lines by S O H N

W A R N I N G S by S O H N

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