Phantom Shilla’s EP Is Infinite

The long holiday weekend is over for a lot of us and it’s a stark reminder that Monday is here when that alarm comes blaring at us from our bedside table. Holiday weekends aren’t always the most fun (in-laws, extended family, sleeping on niece/nephew beds, driving in holiday traffic, etc.), but weekends are weekends all the same.

So how about I ease you into today with some chilled out niceness from Phantom Shilla, a favorite of the blogs for those chilled out sounds.

You might remember Phantom Shilla from previous posts (HERE and HERE) but the EP he dropped over the weekend doesn’t really sound like those previous tunes. Good is good, though, and regardless of a signature sound, it’s an enjoyable listen.

So check out the EP below, download it HERE, and follow Phantom Shilla (Soundcloud, Facebook). His catalogue and future works are to be heard.

01- Seems So by Phantom Shilla

02- u & i by Phantom Shilla

03- Breathe Less by Phantom Shilla

04- PETRICHOR by Phantom Shilla

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