Minor-u Gets Glitchy

One of the coolest parts of being a blog with a good readership overseas is finding out about music our readers are listening to that we might have missed. Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to keep on top of every artist here in the US, much less in Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, etc. So when a reader who showed up to our Plug.dj event last week tipped me to Minor-u, I was stoked.

 A glitch fan, myself, I was immediately taken by this guy’s style and the fact that he used a John lee Hooker sample in the first track below, was just the icing on the cake. I’m a sucker for anything blues related in modern-day EDM.

So while I may be late to the game, I’d still like to introduce this artist to those who might not have heard of him. Out of Saarbrucken Germany, Minor-u has put together quite the catalogue of tracks, using blues, soul, rockabilly and who knows what else as inspiration for his music. Below are three tracks that show what he is all about and hopefully you like them as much as I have.

So follow Minor-u (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love. I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more out of him very soon.

Minoru – 187 by Minor-u

Minoru – Swirls [Forthcoming on Substruk Records] by Minor-u

Minoru – Under Your Spell by Minor-u

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