Indie Hip Hop From The PacNW

On a day when hip hop is ruling the blog, how about I add on with some indie hip hop from the Seattle area and one from Maryland, the two tracks below from X The Original are really a threesome of X, The Philosfist (remember him?), and J1K. Melding those chill beats with the laid back lyrical flow just speaks as to how this troika of young hip hop heads are approaching the craft.

But don’t let the talk of smokin’ out and the area code checks fool you, these guys are serious about what they do and it shows in the beats and the vibe of the tunes.

So jam these two joints, download them and follow X the Original, The Philosofist, and J1K for more work from the threesome, or just their solo stuff.

SuperChronic [Feat. The Philosofist] by X the Original

Look At Me [Feat. The Philosofist] by X the Original

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