ill-esha Goes Bass and Boom

ill-esha has had a busy turn of the October-November calendar. Halloween, a birthday, an EP release and a single release have all happened in quick succession. ill-esha in the midst of all of this has behaved like the professional she is and has toured all along the way. Instead of sitting back and enjoying the spoils of her birthday haul, her pillow case full of trick-or-treat candy and the great press surrounding her release, she has gone on the road to play her special brand of vocal riffed bass.

You all know ill-esha from these past posts (HERE, HERE and HERE) and this Imaginary Friends album just continues the goodness and of what she’s all about. ill-esha straddles that line of booty bouncin’ bass with emotive vocals and melodies that make OG’s stop to hug their baby mama’s.  So follow her where you can (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show her mad love.  She deserves every bit of it.

The video above highlights one track from the 6 track EP and the track below is another. But go HERE to buy the EP in it’s entirety.

The next track is a Clip of a single released by Mexican label R3GMA and it’s yet another goody. Bass with the vocals that she lays down so well, this little snippet shows how good it is to be an ill-esha fan. The remixes of the track will delight the dubstep fans, and glitch hop heads alike. So go HERE to buy the single and remixes and enjoy!

Ill-Esha – Tropic Thunder by Muti Music

Ill-Esha – Blazed (Original Mix) by R3GMA

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