Ianborg and Bronze Whale; Away For The Weeknd

So let’s see here. We have The Weeknd, a proven provider of the smooth jams and now been remixed by Ianborg AND Bronze Whale. It’s like a perfect storm of greatness descended upon Waxhole and enveloped everyone involved with such goodness.

You might have seen Ianborg’s latest (HERE) just a few weeks ago and Bronze Whale’s not that long before (HERE). If you haven’t, check them out forthwith. This collaboration, though has been a few months in the making. Not with this song, per se, but a general atmosphere for collaboration had been stoked since the first few tracks of both producers started circulating. Their hard work is our reward.

The track gives us the best of Ianborg and Bronze Whale without drowning each other out, proving that not only can two stellar producers collaborate equally, but do so miles and miles apart. Texas to British Columbia proved no challenge at all for the two and the track attests to this fact.

So get swept away with the beautiful production, the emotion and the general feeling that this track has been made much better by the additions of the two producers. And whatever you do, if you haven’t already, follow Bronze Whale (Soundcloud, Facebook), and Ianborg (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more greatness and freebies across the shop. Show them some love and take advantage of their benevolence.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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