How To Destroy Angels With An Omen

The project that brings together Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig is just as great as it sounds. This is no Paul and Linda McCartney bollocks, mind you. This is straight up awesomeness wrapped up in Reznor’s barbed wire package punctuated by a whispery vocals bow.

You might say that this one is more atmospheric and ambient than the last one and you’d be correct. Thanks to collaborating with Atticus Ross (who worked with Reznor for The Social network soundtrack) and Rob Sheridan this has a little different feel. Awesome all the same though!

So check this awesomeness, get lost in it and when you’re done, hurry over to their Soundcloud to listen to their first EP. Then set yourself a reminder for November 13 to go to Columbia Records’ site and purchase the album. It’s worth it to have and to hold close by your side.

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