heRobust is a Boss, Milli Times Over

HeRobust is having fun right now.  He’s released en EP recently, toured the country with great acts such as OPIUO, ViBesquaD and Tipper and is sprinkling great Busted remixes along the way (like THIS and THIS).  The guy is giving plenty for his fans to enjoy and I, for one, am enjoying watching his various projects filter out.

This track, another remix, starts out with Austin Powers, a bass overlay of the Lil’ Wayne track hinting that nothing much has changed.  Then at the 0.54 second mark you get that heRobust groove and bounce.  Trap without being over the top, dubstep without being too wobbly, he incorporates a few tricks to make this one a jam.

So if you haven’t already, check out his past albums (HERE), follow this guy (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy the many tunes he has out for your consumption.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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