Ghostly Records with the Dear and Lusine

I don’t normally do multi-artist posts because I feel like each artist deserves their own spotlight. But this go around, I’m going to supercede that and tenuously observe that rule by spotlighting Ghostly Records…We have posted artists from Ghostly before, Michna, and Shigeto are recent examples, and now we have two from Matthew Dear and Lusine.

dear’s newest album is just one great tune after another and this funky joint is no exception. The bass, the percussion, the driving beat and Dear’s distinctive vocals add to the goodness of the track.

Then there is Lusine, an airy, happy, yet complex tune that continues the funky head bobbin from Dear’s track, yet turns up the corners of your mouth in a smile.

These two tracks exemplify all that is good about Ghostly without exposing Everything. This label continues to be one of those go to labels that gives you goodness no matter what the mood.

So follow Ghostly (Soundcloud, Official Site) and buy everything they have to offer. Supporting outfits like this is a no-brainer.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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